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SWEATNETWORK is a social advertising/network marketing platform designed to help users earn money while also providing learning opportunities. It operates on a membership model, where users pay a one-time registration fee of ₦4,000.

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🔥Registration Fee: ₦4000

You need a one-time fee of ₦4,000 to get access to your dashboard to start earning.

🔥Affiliate Reward: ₦,3000

You are eligible to earn whopping sum of ₦3,000 per people you bring to the system.

🔥Sub Affiliate Reward: ₦300

You are eligible to earn as high as ₦300 per indirect referrals.

🔥Second sub affiliate: ₦100

You are eligible to earn as high as ₦100 per second indirect referrals.

🔥Welcome Bonus: ₦2,000

Stand the chance to earn instant cashback of ₦2,000 immediately after registering.

🔥Daily Visit: ₦300

Earn minimum of ₦200 freely just by logging in to your dashboard daily.

🔥Sponsored post: ₦400

You also earn a whooping ₦400 for free per post you shared from your dashboard.

What Are The Amazing Features Of Sweatnetwork

📍Spin The Wheel

This a Feature where Non-affiliate are given the opportunity to spin the wheel using their Activity Earnings

📍Sponsored Post

This is a feature whereby you advertise your business/brand on SweatNetwork and gain more reach.

📍Vendorship Contest

This a Feature where you are given the opportunity to become a SweatNetwork verified vendor. if you Hit the Target 🎯 given to you by SweatNetwork in the duration time given

📍Tiktok Challenge

This is a feature whereby you win big prices just by making a short video of yourself promoting sweatnetwork.

📍 Pay Bills And Buy Airtime/Data Subscription

This is a Feature where users are given access to VTU services at a cheaper rate


☑️ Affiliate withdrawal.

Affiliate withdrawal are every Tuesday & Friday by 12-2pm with the minimum of ₦6,000.


☑️ Non affiliate withdrawal.

Non affiliate withdrawal is automated, provided you have a minimum of ₦25,000 in your activities earnings, once you're registered don't forget to set your bank details so this action can take place.


☑️ One-time Registration Fee

☑️ Automated withdrawal

☑️ 24/7 Customer Service

☑️ Brand Partnership

☑️ Affiliate Withdrawal

☑️ Non Affiliate Withdrawal

☑️ Swift Payment Services

☑️ Lifetime Affiliate Account

With Sweatnetwork, Your Financial Growth Is Guaranteed